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I wanna wake up to this

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The Kirkbride Building at Worcester State Hospital was constructed between 1873 and 1877.  Central to the building was the administrative pavilion, a looming clock tower that left no illusions as to where the power resided in the asylum.  It was elegantly appointed with features like this floating staircase, still in great shape in 2012.  Sadly, in 1991, long after the building was abandoned, a fire ripped through it - but the Clocktower survived.  In 2008, most of the remainder of the structure was bulldozed - but the Clocktower survived.  Finally, however, in 2012, the decision was made to remove the monolith from the psychiatric campus; the beautiful building - and this beautiful staircase - turned to rubble.  For more, you can check out my blog post on this grand insane asylum.

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